7 wonders.. ~

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These are my 7 POSSIBLE ITEMS which will ensure an effective student-centered, personalized learning, and higher order thinking lesson.( yeah sure..)

1. Talk less, more action : it means that the lesson should concentrate more on action ( which mean activities that involves movement and engaging the students participation) rather than talking…

2. Fun : the fundamental element in learning. this is to ensure the classroom enjoys themselves in the learning period. Languages games are most welcomed.

3. Cooperative Learning : teacher need to ensure that students communicates with each other in the classroom. teacher may help them when necessary. ( in lesson only )

4. student talk : somehow this does relates to cooperative learning which involves talking. the only different is here the students take charge of the class, participate in the class more than the teachers.

5.  appealing activities : the lesson should be plan in such interesting way to cater their learning preferences. teacher need to manipulate and utilized their interest while creating the activities.

6. teacher as motivator : teacher’s role here is to guide and motivates them towards learning. teacher helps them only when necessary.

7. assessment : last but not least, the assessment.  teacher should change the way they access the students. instead of grading them only in tasks but also grade them by making a chart. a chart in a sense that every lesson or tasks given in the class will be given marks or stars. so in the end of the week, students that have collected the most stars will received rewards. this is to maintain their participation and interest in learning on the long run.




Electronic BooK ~

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An ebook is actually an electronic book (also e-bookebookdigital book) is a text and image-based publication in digital form produced on, published by, and readable on computers or other digital devices. (#cited from wikipedia)

My task for the week is to create a lame and basic ebook and later turn it out into a well improved ebook…or so to say..

  • My actual ‘lame’ ebook ~









  • My new and improved ebook ~









So, what do i do to improve my ebook?

  1. Insert background
  2. Create a character
  3. Put more descriptions about the animals.
  4. Extend the story

and..walla…..DOne ~


I’m back with more fun stuff to explore..(rolling eyes..)

This is my brief lesson with the web page…

Year : 4-5

Proficiency level :   Mix (average and high)

Theme: World of Stories

Learning Objective:

At the end of the lesson :

  1. pupils will be able to create simple sentences.
  2. pupils will be able to write a simple description to describe their friends, family or themselves.

Set Induction

1. Teacher bring all the pupils in to the computer lab.

2 .teacher asks the pupils about their favoured person (mother, father, sister, brother and friends)

3 .Teacher asks few questions regarding their favored person.


1. Teacher shows a picture of his favoured person (e.g father) using the powerpoint slides.

2. Teacher introduce the person to the class step by step based on at least 5 main ‘wh’ questions.


Who is this? This is my father.

What is his name? His name is Farid

What is his occupation? Where do he works? What is his favourite sport/food? bla.bla..bla..etc.

3. Each time  teacher describes the person, he /she will show the sentence structure.

4. Teacher explain that is is the way to describe your favoured person..

5. Teacher shows another slides on the projector. This time teacher shows a comic strip based on the description of

his/her father.

6. Teacher explains to the pupils that they need to create a comic trip like that based on their favoured personal.


1. Teacher opens the web page for the pupils.

2. Teacher tell the pupils to sign up on the web site given which is “Stripgenerator”.

3. Teacher demonstrates on how to use the website one by one.

4. Teacher asks the pupils to choose their favourite person

5. Teacher asks them to brainstorm on what do they want to describe about their favourite person. The pupils need to

list down and write the descriptions first on a piece of paper before they can start using the comic strip.

6. Teacher monitors and facilitates the pupils.


1. Teacher invites 2-3 volunteers to present their works.

2. Teacher asks why do the persons are their favourite person. This is to spur their reasoning of choosing the person

3. Teacher explains that they can create another story, not on;y about their favourite person by using the


4. Teacher shows a few more examples of story that uses stripgenerator to show them a glimpes of idea of how to

manipulate the web page.


So, enjoy navigating the stripgenerator!!!!


p/s : uploading pictures of the web page in progress….




~ What I’ve learned & Questioned

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~ I Learned

– i learned that we can absolutely came up with a brilliant idea when ‘pushed’  ourselves a little bit…….

– i learned that sharing ideas and brainstorming were essential parts in creating and improving ideas…..

-i learned that we can solely rely on what was given to us, we need to adapt and manipulate the ideas…..

– i learned that if we had the will to do something….we can do mostly everything….


~ I Questioned

– Does our games really appropriate to be used in the time limited classroom?

– Will it be enough fr the students?

– Can it be carried out properly in the classroom?

– Do we need to change the ‘rewards’ to make i more appealing?

– Do the questions really test the student’s abilities and knowledge on the subject atter?

~ Conclusion

– i learned a lot from others presentations and their comments….

– i believed in this Learned & Questions entry will definitely help myself to self reflect and improve my ways of thinking and doing things..


p/s : feel free to leave comments…


Online game for Classroom~

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Frankly speaking, i do not agree with the idea of using the recent online games in teaching in the classroom due to severals reasons.

  • lack of accessible Internet connection
  • most of them are inappropriate

However, this is what i will do if i should come up with a lesson that uses the online game~

It is a simple game for pupils in lower primary level. 🙂


Targeted Year: 1-4 (Mix abilities)

Learning Strategy: Inductive learning

Language Focus: phonemes..Spelling

Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/wordsandpictures/phonics/sandcastle/flash/game.shtml

Procedures :

1. Choose a phonemes that you wanted to teach the pupils  on that day. 

2. Pupils need to fill in the blanks with the correct phonemes that represent the sound in the end.

3. They to listen and then choose the correct phonemes accordingly.

4. They need to choose the correct phonemes to build their sandcastle.

4. Its a basic game that test their spelling and listening skills.


So, have fun to explore many other games online… This is just a gist that what u can do with this sort of game.


Cramped by tons of apps~

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When i 1st encountered this ‘word’….i asked myself…what the heck is Glogster? is it some kind of a blog site? hahaha… pity me..so, i google it on the internet…..and i found my answer…  😛

Glog is actually the abbreviation for graphical blog which is an online multimedia poster that combines text, photos, videos, music, graphics, links and other media elements”. ( err..i dit copy that from the net… hehehe)

I think all you who actually ‘read’ my blog should visit this site….its a cool site actually..personally i have to learn bout that because i don’t have any clue or whatsoever….

Click this for more info.



And also they have this……. http://edu.glogster.com/..what a convenience… hehe.

So what are the differences between those two? Well….nothing really except for its purpose…..

Glogster is “open”  and GLOgEdu is more to educational purpose…well, that what that ‘EDU’ stands for… duhh!..

Okay2..i’ll be more serious… it’s actually a channel for educators to keep students engaged and make learning fun.

Teachers can also use it for multiple purposes such as presenting a story, songs or teach important concepts. So,

TEACHERS out there !!!!!!!! be aware of this tool… ..It’s is very useful…..

Anyway, i have to conclude a few things about this site…

The Functions ~

  • a channel for educators to keep students engaged and make learning fun
  • use it for multiple purposes such as presenting a story, songs or teach important concepts (especially Math and Science)

Okay…i’ve copied from my previous writing… hehehe..

The Limitations ~

  • A bit girlish
  • Need a good Internet connection

When can it be used ~

  • In Teaching of course ( In Math and Science when introducing concepts…English when introducing grammar)
  • At the end of each topic maybe..( revise the topic thought…)

The friendly mode ~

  • Quite impressive and friendly…i encountered zero problem while trying to use and understand this tool… THUMBS UP fo the developer…

The Suitability ~

  • It is quite amazing to realise that teacher can freely use it to all levels of pupil…However, it still need the teacher’s creativity to manipulate the,…hehehe… remember TPACK ? if you don’t… Do your HOMEWORK !!!! coz i’ve done mine…


T Pack~

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So, let’s get started…

There’s no point for me to explain further about this TPACK…. i think everyone should already have the main idea of what TPACk is all about…

I’ll skip that part and proceed to the MAIN thing…. my so called TPACK Lesson plan… :p

Lesson Plan ~

Subject : English

Class: Year 2 Maju

Age: 8 years old

Theme: World of Knowledge

Topic: In The Garden

Language Focus : Names of  flowers and their traits

Previous Knowledge: Pupils already know the names of some insects.

Technology Tools : LCD projector, laptop,


Content & Knowledge

Firstly, we need to impart knowledge right? In this lesson i try to teach the names of the flowers/plants and their traits. For the set induction, i paste a few words ( names of flowers in the garden) …eh… actually… i also included the pictures of those flowers. I pasted the pictures first and asked them the names of the flowers.. then, i paste the words and asked to spell them together with me… I taught them the traits of each flowers in the Powerpoint.. 🙂



As the technology part…i used the Powerpoint..hehehe.. and of coz i have to project the slideshow to the pupils…and to do that, i used the main ‘ingredient’ , laptop and LCD projector..  🙂

The Powerpoint slides is actually a story that i had created solely for that lesson.

Click to download the ppt.

Flower for a Friend


hurmm….honestly, i can’t related to any pedagogical methods… hahaha…wait.. i think i used TPR( total physical reesponse) while reading the story. The pupils need to act while reading the story. They need to mim when then cme across certain word… hehe..


The used of the Powerpoint actually help to stimulate the pupils interest towards learning.. nothing more than that.. so, instead of reading text in a piece of paper, they read the story using the LCD projector…